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Ves Pitts Photography



Hello, welcome to Ves Pitts photography. In 2014 I started three new photographic series called VoXX BoXX , The Language of Stripes and Ink and Ashes.

The VoXX BoXX series evokes a spiritual and visual journey through a dreamscape universe. Influenced by physics, astronomy, the writings of Harry Smith, Carl Jung  and William Burroughs and plant designs that I photographed at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I have manipulated these botanical photographs to create a new synthesis of cosmological imagery.  Printed on metallic paper these images project a depth into space enhanced by patterns and colors.

The Language of Stripes is a portfolio created to look at the placement of color stripes as they form possible audio and linguistic relationships. The lined colors interact with each other like radio transmissions.  This relationship along with the VoXX BoXX series explores the unconscious within this planetary cosmology.

Ink and Ashes is a portfolio of dark images and forms that explore psychic and trance states of ritual within planetary space.

Please contact me if interested in purchasing  or seeing more photos from these series.

vesphotography[at]mac[dot]com   718 600 4653